The Internet is full of free resources online to help you with mental health recovery.  The following is a list of services, forums, and more things that you may find useful.  If you know of any more that could be added this list, e-mail me to let me know.

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This challenge is meant to be an introduction to confidence-boosting activities.  It is not designed to be a replacement for therapy or medication, and I encourage you to continue working on your self esteem for more than 15 days.

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Hotlines & Crisis Chat Lines

Crisis Text Line: Text START to 741-741  (also offers internships and volunteer positions)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255 (press 1 for the veteran’s line)

National Runaway Switchboard: (800) 786-2929

RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network has a 24/7 live crisis chat site

Trans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860

National Runaway Switchboard: (800) 786-2929

S.A.F.E Alternatives (self-harm): (800) 366-8288


Make Me Feel Better subreddit: let the friendly users here comfort you.

Relationship Advice subreddit: because we’ve all needed it at one point.

Stop Gaming subreddit: a video game addiction support group based on Cam Adair‘s Game Quitters.