Calm Down Using Your 5 Senses

As some of you may know, I’m currently in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy program for Borderline Personality Disorder. Last week, we talked about self-soothe strategies that involve using your five senses to calm you down. Using your senses, you can effectively calm yourself down during times of high distress. I personally love channeling sounds and smells when I’m stressed. Finding the right calming scents have really helped me with my anxiety!

I use this strategy quite often, and wanted to give you some ideas for ways to calm down with touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight. I hope you can use these ideas when you’re extra stressed out!

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Calm Down Using Sound

The most obvious way to calm yourself down using sound is through music, but you can also utilize white noise, or anything that makes noise!

  • Make a calming playlist on your phone or audio device. I have one filled with uplifting songs for when I’m down. Check out my uplifting song suggestions here.
  • Get a white noise machine (here is one with good reviews on Amazon)
  • Crumble up a piece of paper (this also utilizes touch!)
  • Check out some ASMR videos on YouTube. Personally, I find slime videos to be soothing, but anything with talking or whispering creeps me out. It’s a personal preference, and this method isn’t for everyone.

Calm Down Using Taste

This one is a little tricky for me because I don’t like to self-soothe using food. These suggestions are purposely not overbearing on calories (or nutrients of any kind).

  • Grab some sucking candies.
  • Drink some tea (your preference!)
  • Chew gum.
  • Wear a lip balm or gloss that tastes good.

Calm Down Using Smell

There are so many ways to utilize scents for self-soothing! I love Bath and Body Works’ hand sanitizers, personally.

  • Use hand sanitizers with great scents (check out these from Bath and Body Works. They have some specifically geared towards stress relief!)
  • Use a reed diffuser.
  • Spray your room with an air freshener that contains a calming scent.
  • Light candles (my mom bought this one from me and it smells great! I sell Avon, and this is an affiliate link).
  • Use a nice smelling lotion (this is also utilizes touch!)

Calm Down Using Touch

This one usually incorporates other senses, too!

  • Crumple up a piece of paper (also utilizes sound!)
  • Play a game on your phone. I love playing 2048- it’s simple and fun!
  • Pet an animal.
  • Use a soothing lotion (also utilizes smell! Buy some from me here using this affiliate link. I personally love the Skin So Soft products).
  • Draw, color, paint…get artsy!
  • Take a warm shower (also utilizes sound!)
  • Play with a fidget spinner (also utilizes sound! Even the “quiet” ones make noise).

Calm Down Using Sight

This one can mostly be done online or using your phone.

  • Watch calming videos on YouTube.
  • Look at pictures of cute animals.
  • Look at art that makes you happy or calm.
  • Read something that makes you happy or calm.

I hope these lists inspire you to find more outlets for self-soothing! Together, we can beat anxiety and distress.

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