Self-Care Challenge: What Makes You Happy?

Day 9 of my 30-Day Self Care Challenge was to make a list of the things that make you happy.  I stuck that in there because it can be hard to consider the positives when life can be so difficult for us.  Sometimes, it feels like those positive things don’t even exist.  When every day is a constant struggle, it’s important to take a step back and think about what brings you joy.  Why?  Because it can give you hope.

Obviously, making this list is not easy.  I wouldn’t have been able to complete this challenge in high school.  So before you read my list, I’d like to offer some tips for making your own:

  • Write it or type it.  Being able to save the list might help you in the future.  You’ll also be able to see how many things you were able to come up with, which can give you some hope.
  • Try not to judge yourself.  No one will read this except for you and whoever you share it with.
  • Write from a hopeful perspective.  If nothing is making you happy right now, what would make you happy?  What will make you happy in the future?  I love Halloween, but it’s the middle of January.  That might not help me now, but it will in October.

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Here is my list of the things that make me happy!  Items in italics are things that I don’t experience frequently due to timing or other circumstances, but will make me happy once I experience them.

  1. Cold apple cider
  2. Broadway shows
  3. Listening to acoustic covers
  4. Puppies on Instagram
  5. Thai food
  6. Experiencing other cultures
  7. Looking at 90’s nostalgia posts on Facebook and being old enough to remember them
  8. My fur babies, Jake and Sammy
  9. My sister’s cat, Annabelle
  10. Futurama
  11. Bob’s Burgers
  12. Discovering new shows on Netflix
  13. Successfully finishing a workout
  14. Domino’s Chocolate Lava Cakes (not even a sponsored name-drop.  I just love Domino’s)
  15. Seeing the stats on my blog going up
  16. Autumn leaves
  17. Seeing old friends
  18. Making new friends
  19. Being involved with Girl Scouts
  20. Watching my sisters succeed
  21. Writing
  22. Drawing
  23. Watching dance videos online
  24. Swimming
  25. Taking samples from tea stores in the mall
  26. Sleeping
  27. Trying a new nail art pattern from Pinterest and actually somewhat succeeding
  28. Getting likes on my Facebook posts
  29. Walking into gift shops

Remember, some of the items on my list are things I hardly ever experience.  I haven’t swam since September, and I’ve never flown to another country (yet). I included them because if I did those things right now, they’d make me happy.

There is always room for things to get better.  I hope you find a reason to smile today.

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  1. This is such a good idea! I think it’s so much easier to pay attention to the things that go wrong, and since annoyances and failures draw so much attention, it feels like they’re the only things happening. But when you stop and count the best parts of your life… Even just reading your post, I’d come up with a dozen already. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Good idea for a post. I like the way you list out the 20 important things for you to make you happy. That affects your thinking and you will definitely move towards being better and healthier. Good read.

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