How To Make an Anxiety Tool Kit

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An anxiety tool kit is a collection of objects and/or resources that you can use to calm yourself down during stressful times.  It can be portable (in the form of a wristlet or section of your bag), virtual (in the form of bookmarked links and images), or in a box at home.  I made a portable tool kit in therapy last summer, and it was helpful for those summer parties where I felt socially awkward and nervous to meet new people.

Making an anxiety tool kit is super easy- all you have to do is collect your items and resources, and then pick a place to store them!  I put together some suggestions for things to put in your tool kit.  Suggestions in blue are best for a virtual tool kit; suggestions in red are best for a portable tool kit; suggestions in green are best for a tool kit in a box.

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Something to keep your hands busy:

Portable: stress ball, rubber bands, fidget cube

Virtual: puzzle apps, online games like Tetris

In a box: Rubix cube,  lanyard, portable gaming device, coloring book + pencils, Play-Doh


Something with a calming scent:

Portable:  scented hand sanitizer

In a box: Incense, essential oils, air freshener, hand moisturizer


Something with a soothing sound: 

Virtual: Relaxing playlist

In a box: white noise machine


Something uplifting: 

Portable: fortune cookie slips

Virtual: Inspirational Pinterest boards, cute animal videos, screenshots of texts that make you happy

In a box: happy postcards/notes

Something to help you in crisis:

Portable:  your therapist’s business card

Virtual: links to crisis chat lines,

In a box: List of hotline numbers 


This is not an extensive list of ideas, but hopefully it will help you assemble your own tool kit.  My kit is inside of a wristlet that I keep inside my backpack, and it has:

  • Stress relief hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works
  • My phone, which has Blendoku (a puzzle app) and a calming playlist with instrumentals
  • My earbuds to listen to music
  • A business card for the health center at my college
  • Business cards for some other helpful people at my school

Have fun making yours!


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  1. This was very encouraging to read.
    I will be having a bible study with my niece this weekend and we are also going over ways we can help spread Mental Health Awareness since May is the month for that.
    Finding your post has encouraged me to share this with her so we can work on our own anxiety tool kit together.
    I will post on my blog and give you due credit so be on the lookout for it this weekend!

    Thank you again!

    1. Thank you so much for the mention on your blog! I’m looking forward to seeing that post. I hope an anxiety tool kit is helpful for you and your niece 🙂

    1. If there are specific items you’re curious about, feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll give you some tips!

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