40 Things To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is next week!  It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage positive thoughts. Even when it seems like nothing is going well, there is always something to be thankful for.  Remind yourself of the beautiful things you miss while you’re not paying attention:


  1. The people who support you, no matter who they are
  2. The teachers, instructors, or professors who helped to shape your worldview
  3. The progress you’ve made in accomplishing your goals
  4. The ability to reconnect with people you lost touch with
  5. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales
  6. Discount codes that actually work
  7. The ability to create your own opportunities to grow
  8. Having a couple of days off from school
  9. The resources that are available if you’re struggling
  10. People standing in solidarity to protect their peers
  11. The semester almost being over
  12. Inspiration that comes from the most unusual places
  13. Charities that give back to so many different causes
  14. Cute animal pictures
  15. Music videos with the lyrics in them
  16. Getting to see people’s houses full of decorations
  17. Really good food
  18. The mistakes you’ve made and learned from
  19. Random acts of kindness that have made your day
  20. The wealth of information we have access to
  21. Coffee, hot chocolate, eggnog, or whatever your guilty pleasure drink is
  22. The invention of the self-checkout at grocery stores
  23. Being able to marathon your favorite shows and movies on Netflix
  24. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or wherever else you stream music from
  25. The diversity that exist in the world’s population
  26. Cheap travel tickets
  27. The advancement of modern medicine, and science in general
  28. The successes of civil rights movements, past and present
  29. Our troops overseas, and our veterans
  30. Good hair days
  31. Makeup tutorials
  32. Your favorite TV show releasing a holiday special
  33. Those days where you don’t need to set an alarm
  34. Free food
  35. Clever puns
  36. Canceled classes
  37. The realization that there really is an app for just about everything
  38. Other people’s willingness to share their culture with you
  39. The basics: water, clothing, shelter
  40. Being alive, and therefore being able to experience so many more positive events

…and of course, anything else that you’re thankful for that isn’t on this list.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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