Take a Break: 30-Minute Study Break Ideas

Whether you’re studying for your midterms this week, you have work to prepare, or your finals are looming over your head, most college students can relate to the feeling of needing a break.  After working your butt off, you deserve to take some time to yourself!  If you want to take a short break before returning to your studies, check out this list of ways to relax and refresh.

  1. Take a warm shower
  2. Take a warm bath (Bonus: use a bath product from LUSH– they smell amazing!)
  3. Play an instrument
  4. Color, doodle, draw
  5. Take a short walk
  6. Listen to a podcast episode
  7. Watch a Netflix special (Be careful of watching episodes- you might wind up watching for hours!)
  8. Call your parents
  9. Clean your room
  10. Reorganize your desk/bed/living space
  11. Do a yoga routine
  12. Look up classes for next semester
  13. Start a new Pinterest board
  14. Write in a journal
  15. Write a blog post
  16. Hang out with pets
  17. Take a few Buzzfeed quizzes
  18. Play a couple of rounds of Tetris
  19. Do your laundry
  20. Skype a friend
  21. Write up a shopping list for groceries/house supplies

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