How Are You Doing Today?

How often do you evaluate your well being?  When other people ask us how we are, the typical response is usually, “I’m doing great!  How about you?”  Of course, we sometimes only give that response because it’s the socially acceptable answer.  Even though we sometimes put on a fake smile for others, we don’t have to deny ourselves legitimate conversations about our current state.  That conversation can even be with yourself.  Think about it- how are you really doing today?  Imagine that nobody would give you an odd look if you told them the truth.  What would you say?

Did you get enough sleep last night?  Have you been sleeping well in general?  If not, do you know why you’re being kept awake?

Are you eating enough?  Are you eating because you’re hungry, and not because you’re stressed, bored, or for other reasons?

Is anything stressing you out?  How are you handling that stress?

What are your coping habits like?  Do you have any?  Are they healthy coping mechanisms?

Are you satisfied with how life is going right now?  If not, do you have hope that things will get better?

This isn’t an extensive list of questions you should ask yourself, but it’s important to evaluate what “doing well” is for you, and whether or not you’re currently “doing well.”  If you aren’t, remember that help is always available.  It’s a shame that it’s still not socially acceptable to have genuine conversations about mental health, but you do not have to deprive yourself of a check-in because of it.  Your mental and physical health are important, and addressing them will only help you.


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