When Should You Cut People Off?

For some people, it’s hard to let go of people who wreck havoc on their lives.  For others, cutting people off is a habit.  Either way, it’s important to know what kinds of people are hazardous to your well-being.  Although it’s important to support the people you care about, you shouldn’t have to risk your safety and emotional stability to do so.  There plenty of valid reasons to continuing to interact with someone, but these are some red flags to look out for in toxic individuals.

If a person always asks for money, but never pays you back, cut them off.  No matter how many times a person promises that that they’ll pay you back “this time,” don’t expect to get your money back anytime soon.  Money that is borrowed should be payed back in a timely manner. You do not owe your friends anything.  It doesn’t matter how “broke” they are; loans should never be expected.  You should be especially wary if this person tries to make you feel bad for not loaning them money.

If you think they deserve a chance to change, set strict limits with them.  Tell them that you will only allow them to owe you a certain amount at any time- that includes what they currently owe you.  Do not let them borrow anything else if they owe you over that amount.  If the person pushes you or continues to take advantage of you, it’s probably no longer worth trying.


If a person speaks in ultimatums, cut them off.  You should never have to choose one person over another.  You should not feel pressured to do something for someone because it’s what you’d do “if you love them.”  People who care about you will be there for you regardless of whether or not you do what they want you to do.

Additionally, if a person purposely prevents you from pursing your goals and dreams, cut them off.  Nobody has to like what you’re doing with your life, but a person worth keeping around will not bring you down for following your dreams.


A person might also be worth cutting off if they…

  • Are consistently and intentionally dishonest with you
  • Do not respect your hobbies and relationships
  • Try to change who you are
  • Purposely attempt to aggravate you
  • Do not respect your personal values.


Toxic people come in different forms, but to put it simply: if a person doesn’t accept you for who you are and what you do, they might not be worth your time.

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